Radio Free Skaro #709 – Look How They Shine For You

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New York Comic-Con has come and gone, and while there was no official Doctor Who TV-related presence there, we here at Skaro HQ still have a Christopher Eccleston panel at NYCC to tell you about, in addition to upcoming DVD and Blu-ray news, comic releases, the Mission to the Unknown remake, and Jodie Whitakker rising up the charts with her cover of “Yellow” for Children in Need. And we top it off with our Series 11 commentary for “Demons of the Punjab”, with guest Claudia Boleyn!

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Gallifrey One 2020 sold out
Christopher Eccleston NYCC panel
NYCC Titan Comics news
Mission to the Unknown debuts Oct 9 on YouTube
Updated Trial of a Time Lord Blu-Ray set trailer
North American DVD re-releases
Children in Need Got It Covered album due Nov 1
Jodie Whittaker Yellow cover (UK Only Link)
Jodie Whittaker Yellow cover (Spotify)
Jodie Whittaker Yellow cover (Apple Music)
1984 Philadelphia Doctor Who convention footage, featuring Ian Marter and Terrance Dicks


Demons of the Punjab
Claudia Boleyn

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #709 – Look How They Shine For You

  1. Hey guys, I ordered the “on demand” print of Planet of Spiders, since I didn’t want to Shell out $250.00 and I am not disappointed at all.
    The packaging and eventual viewing are no different from the original presses. It’s like there’s no difference at all.

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