Radio Free Skaro #708 – The Play’s The Pting

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Christopher Eccleston Alert! That’s right, the iconic actor who brought Doctor Who back from obscurity will be at Gallifrey One in 2020. Fantastic! The Three Who Rule also briefly review Eccleston’s new book “I Love The Bones Of You”, plus determine whether the new David Tennant Blu-ray collection is worth your money. And join us for our Series 11 Commentary for “The Tsuranga Conundrum”, with Verity!, Lazy Doctor Who and Earp Chirp’s own Erika Ensign!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still available
Christopher Eccleston announced for Gally
Complete David Tennant Years Blu-Ray remarks
Upcoming Big Finish Short Trips due in 2020
Build-A-Bear Doctor Who collection due 2020


The Tsuranga Conundrum
Erika Ensign

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