Radio Free Skaro #715 – State of Temporal Grace

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Friends, the Doctor Who dark time is nearly over. Not only do we now have the names of the writers and directors behind Series 12 of Doctor Who, but come November 23, we should have a firm picture of what will consist of the series, as well as when it will begin airing! How about that? We cover all of the Series 12 in this episode of the podcast, plus a bevy of other coverage of The Edge of Time VR game, and more, and cap it off with our Series 11 commentary for “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”, with guests Heather Berberet!

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Series 12 writers and directors announced
Gally mid-November update
Whittaker, Cole and Gill before BBC Children in Need
BBC Children in Need Doctor Who segment
The World Cup of Terrance Dicks
Kklak! The Doctor Who art of Chris Achilleos
Doctor Who Magazine 545 released
Doctor Who Ground Zero paperback
Resurrection of the Daleks paperback due June 2020
Revelation of the Daleks paperback due June 2020
Electronic Sound Magazine celebrates Delia Derbyshire
7″ Yellow Vinyl Doctor Who Theme
Big Finish Dark Universe due January 2020
Big Finish Sixth Doctor anthology due for Christmas
Edge of Time coming to arcades November 23
Edge of Time theme tune
Edge of Time Soundtrack
Edge of Time music Making Of featurette
Edge of Time playthrough
Capaldi features in TV Guide’s Favourite TV Moments of the Decade
The Memory Cheats Series 3 winds down
RFS contribution to The Quiz of Rassilon
Steven’s interview schedule at Chicago TARDIS
An Unearthly Convention
Ian Cullen died


The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
Heather Berberet

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