Radio Free Skaro #694 – All You Need Is Love

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A veritable avalanche of Doctor Who news hit us right in the probic vent this week with new Season 23 Blu-Ray news, annuals, books of fiction, audio plays, Fluxx (whatever that is) and so much more! In fact you could say all this news is doing double duty as we delay the inevitable, AKA the second part of the Gareth Roberts miniscope!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
Happy 37th birthday, Jodie Whittaker
Season 23 Blu-Ray debuts Sep 23 in the UK
Season 23 Blu-Ray trailer, written by Pete McTighe
Season 23 Blu-Ray clean artwork
50th anniversary of The War Games finishing transmission
The End of Time cinema screening details
Doctor Who Annual 2020 due September 19
Star Tales collection announced for release December 5
Star Tales clean artwork
SDCC-exclusive Pting Funko Pop
Fluxx 13th Doctor expansion due August 7
Big Finish day was June 22
Big Finish Fourth Doctor series 9 to feature Adric, one story by Andrew Smith
WhoTalk commentaries for The Daleks and The Curse of Peladon
An Unearthly Convention, Nov 23-34 on Long Island
Mandip Gill won the Eastern Eye People’s Choice award
Vinay Patel won the Eastern Eye Best Scriptwriter award for Demons of the Punjab
William Simons died


Gareth Roberts
The Lodger
Closing Time
The Caretaker

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