Radio Free Skaro #695 – ‘Atta Boy

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There is a cavalcade of Doctor Who news this week, most of it treats for your ears as Big Finish has gone MAD WITH POWER in celebrating their 20th anniversary with live streams, vinyl, new series and most importantly action dollies from some of its more notable adventures. But that’s just a teaser as we have the first part of our analysis of journeyman 1980s director Ron Jones in…the Miniscope!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
Series 12 to cover issues about plastic waste, more talk of a holiday episode before the series
Doctor Who Magazine 540 released, with a Jon Pertwee focus
Radio 4 Extra Jon Pertwee celebration goes out July 6
First look at Big Finish-inspired action dollies
Big Finish celebrates 20 years with 20 hours of live streaming
Big Finish Wave of Destruction on vinyl a Sainsbury’s exclusive
Big Finish Torchwood Latter Days due September 2019
Big Finish Torchwood Soho due June 2020
Big Finish announces The Robots series
The Man from Venus audio, written/directed by Steve Broster
First 10 North American Doctor Who DVD reprints available to order
Video comparing the original and redone special effects from the DVD/BD ranges
Myth Makers 143 featuring Eric Roberts now available
Doctor Who Edge of Time interview with Maze Theory
An Unearthly Convention tickets go on sale July 1, first guests announced
DWAS announces The Capitol Five in April 2020, first guests announced


Ron Jones
Black Orchid
Arc of Infinity

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #695 – ‘Atta Boy

  1. Nice to hear you mention The House on the Rock. I used to live in Madison. The wife and I visited it years ago, and soon after, we discussed it in a graduate music theory class. Anyone who visits it is not the same when they leave.
    Also, yes, our PBS station runs classic Who every Saturday night. There’s something great about seeing it on live TV, even if one has Britbox or another source to watch it anytime…Hope you enjoyed your visit to WI.

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