Radio Free Skaro #693 – Love’s Labour’s Won

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As we creep ever closer to the Time of New Doctor Who (aka Series 12), there is rumour and mumblesuch about actors and directors involved in Series 12. Also, scrappy upstart Pluto TV is showing some Classic Who in North America, VR things are happening, new(ish) dollies ad Big Finish and our latest Miniscope, featuring writer Gareth Roberts. We concentrated on Roberts writing contributions for both parts of the Miniscope, but we would be remiss to ignore the controversy surrounding Roberts’ views on trans people. As such, if you feel you shouldn’t listen, we completely understand.

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #693 – Love’s Labour’s Won

  1. Hey guys,
    Love the show, but the next time you decide to call an real anti war, anti racist campaigner of 40 years standing “ a possible antisemite” you can consider me an ex listener. You probably don’t care enough about British politics to do your research as to why Corbyn is smeared so ferociously, so please don’t enter into it, even in joke. Love Invasion of the Dinosaurs, don’t like ignorant takes which add to the propaganda. Yours sincerely Paul

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