Radio Free Skaro #692 – Welcome to Coquitlam

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Good news, everyone! “Time-Flight” is being animat….no wait, we mean “The Faceless Ones! Yes, one of the few airport-focused Doctor Who stories is getting the pen-and-ink treatment, and not only that, a number of Classic Who DVDs are being released on demand through the North American BBC Shop! And for those of you who enjoy single-POV non-VR versions of VR content (and also acronyms), the playthrough of “The Runaway” is out in the wild! But all this newfangled technology aside, let’s do a deep dive into fake monsters and post-Susan adventures with a commentary for…”The Rescue”!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
The Faceless Ones to be animated for 2020 release
10 Classic Doctor Who DVDs to be produced on demand
The Runaway VR Playthrough
“The Jon Pertwee Files” to go out on Radio 4 Extra July 6
Christopher Eccleston set to appear at New York Comic-Con
Paul Darrow died

Classic Series Commentary:

The Rescue

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