Radio Free Skaro #691 – The Reminder Room

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Dinosaurs! Yes, the CSO sock puppets are back in part two of our Classic Series Commentary of the 1974 story “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”, so join us for Malcolm Hulke’s cutting social commentary, UNIT shooting at things that aren’t there, time being scooped, and more! Plus news from Big Finish, Target-adjacent shenanigans, and the return to theatres of…”The End of Time”?! You do you, Doctor Who.

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
Doctor Who Magazine 539 released
More “lost” Classic Who stories produced by Big Finish
Peter Howell-era Jodie Whittaker opening titles
Dominic Glynn-era Jodie Whittaker opening titles
Target Trawl book due in July
The End of Time 10th Anniversary cinema screening
Steven Thorne died
Royce Mills died

Classic Series Commentary:

Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Parts 4-6

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