Radio Free Skaro #626 – Pyramid of Goop

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A jam packed, bumper edition of Radio Free Skaro this week! Not only do we provide you with an update on the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative with Joy Piedmont and Graeme Burk, but we also bring you a full length commentary for the 1987 special effects-laden spectacular that is “Time and the Rani”, with special guest Jonathan Helm of WHO FX! There’s also a bevy of Doctor Who merchandise to tell you about, including the just announced Season 12 Blu-ray set!

Rachel Talalay writes about the Women’s Gallifrey One panel
Season 12 Blu-Ray due June 11 in the UK
Season 12 Blu-Ray due June 26 in North America
New 6th Doctor Big Finish companion
Rose Target book audio CD
Chriswtmas Invasion Target book audio CD
Day of the Doctor Target book audio CD
Record Store Day City of Death vinyl release
Record Store Day Tomb of the Cybermen vinyl release
One Doctor, Two Hearts book
Tommy’s Top Ten charity book
Topps 2018 Doctor Who signature trading cards
Special Weapons Dalek by Robert Harrop Designs
The Radiophonic Workshop play The Royal Albert Hall
Matt Smith on Desert Island Discs


Time and the Rani
@who_fx / Jonathan Helm

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #626 – Pyramid of Goop

  1. I appreciate that you now want to inject gun politics into your podcast, but please recognize that there’s the very real possibility that those who don’t share your opinion will see bailing on RFS at an option worth considering. If this is now going to be a regular part of your show, would you please consider posting in the show notes the time mark that coincides with the point when you transition away from politics and begin talking about Doctor Who? Thanks!

  2. The Tom Baker years always made me laugh. Almost every story gives the same response: “I don’t remember much about that one.” Ha!


  3. As Ken Taylor mentioned, please let us know when your liberal political junk ends so those of us not agreeing with this message can continue to listen in. I enjoy your podcast but if this is going to become a regular item I will drop this pocast as I have others. Although any death is tragic, gun contol laws do not and have never worked. You can look at areas where they have been implemented and will see where the “bad” guy will always find a way to inflict death and destruction. Look at Chicago, New York for example. Taking guns from law abiding citizens just makes people mlre vulnerable. Criminals will not just give up their weapons because of a new law. Criminals are cowards and go towards places that are vulnerable like schools.

    Even countries like England and Australia, even China are not innoculated y their own gun control laws.

    Stick with Who and leave the political garbage outside.

  4. Hey folks,

    All episodes are tagged with major themes or elements, and all three episodes mentioning #WhoAgainstGuns have been tagged as such. Enjoy the podcast about this politically-charged show we all love!

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