Radio Free Skaro #627 – The Incredible Hulke

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It’s another pre-October week of hints and dribbles of Doctor Who news, including loose-lipped thespian Alan Cumming revealing he has a role in Series 11, audio and Target news, Tom Baker Blu-Ray excitement, and more. All mere preamble to the first part of our Malcolm Hulke Miniscope, featuring Nerdist scribbler and noted cineaste Kyle Anderson to help us look at “The Faceless Ones”, “The War Games”, “Doctor Who and the Silurians” and “The Ambassadors…of Death”!

Alan Cumming in Series 11
Doctor Who audio recordings archived
Final covers for new Target books
Tom Baker Season 1 Blu-Ray
Series 3 Steelbook
Lady Christina returns in Big Finish
More WhoTalk Commentaries
Delia Derbyshire portrait at Coventry University
Ken Dodd died


Malcolm Hulke
Kyle Anderson

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