Radio Free Skaro #625 – Gangsters on the Moon

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#WhoAgainstGuns is a cause launched by our friends at Reality Bomb and spearheaded by a larger network of friends and podcasters, and the Three Who Rule are happy to lend their support, as you can hear in this podcast. Further to that, we present our final two interviews from Gallifrey One 2018 – one with Doctor Who scribe Peter Harness, and another with Philip Martin all about his iconic 1970s BBC series “Gangsters”!

Piers Wenger says Series 11 will have a number of female writers
“Shada” scripts up for auction
William Hartnell’s personal script for “An Unearthly Child” up for auction
“The Enemy of the World” DVD delayed one week
Paul Simpson named new editor for Obverse Books’ Black Archive range
Peter Miles died
The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One


Peter Harness
Philip Martin

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #625 – Gangsters on the Moon

  1. Possibly Warren’s thinking of Mel Taylor, drummer for the Ventures?

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  3. Pleased to listen to your interview with Philip Martin who we met on holiday with his family in tangier 1982. Our son mark aged 7 made friends with his daughter Hlary and they read books together. Very fond memories of Philip, his wife and hillary.
    Loved his plays and fans of Gangsters still.

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