Radio Free Skaro #616 – No Unwanted Opinions Please

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Welcome to 2018 which, for now at least, is the Time of Not Much Happening, exemplified by a rather sparse news list this week in the form of “Twice Upon A Time” stats, writer non-participation, new Gallifrey One guests, and the fact that Doctor Who is filming in South Africa! But also, for your edification and entertainment, we also have an interview with Sophie Aldred and Lisa Greenwood from Chicago TARDIS. Listen, enjoy and patiently wait for Series 11 with the rest of us!

Doctor Who filming in South Africa?
Sarah Dollard not writing for Series 11
Twice Upon A Time final BBC One viewing figure
Gallifrey One welcomes Brian Minchin, Lindsey Alford, Paul Cornell, Caroline Symcox, Keith Barnfather, Bill Baggs and others
Chicago TARDIS 2018 tickets on sale
Blake’s 7 turns 40


Sophie Aldred
Lisa Greenwood
Chicago TARDIS

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #616 – No Unwanted Opinions Please

  1. Listening to this now – i pre-ordered the shada bluray from back qround thanksgiving, they did ship and i got it before xmas.

    Being a good dad, i delayed gratification and let me daughter wrap it for xmas…i felt like a dog with a treat on its nose.

    Btwn cmas and new years i found it DOES work in the US, as it is region free, but NOT on any Sony bluray players! Luckily we had an LG bluray player in the house. (Googling online, someone else commenting on the shada bluray on detailed this better – seems to work on all bluray players aside from Sony…hunh.)

    Oddly, when I did put it in Sony players it came up on a weird menu with what i swear is Janet Fielding’s voice taunting me about using an audi menu…whatever that is, it still wouldn’t play. Seriously, it was maddening. And I LIKE Tegan.

    As for the content…no spoilers. Have fun. 😉

    Perhaps this is part of the lag offering it in north america?

  2. Hey guys, Blake’s 7 was available on vhs with 2 episodes per tape.

    Happy New Year from The Ohio Type 40!

  3. I understand the new UK DVD of Shada can only be watched on a widescreen TV, if you watch on an old 4:3 TV the picture will appear squashed.

    Maybe they decided to correct for the USA release, hence the delay.

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