Radio Free Skaro #617 – Two Direction

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The Series 11 news train continues unabated, with director announcements, pointless speculation on the amount of Doctor Who content headed our way from the BBC, Gallifrey One news, Time Lord science (which is elevated in Leicester), and a brief but lovely interview from Long Island Who with Dalek operator and Big Finish writer and director Barnaby Edwards!

Series 11 Block 2 directed by Mark Tonderai
Series 11 Block 3 directed by Sallie Aprahamian
Series 11 to be over 11 hours?
Whittaker will use her Yorkshire accent
Whittaker filmed her regeneration scene the day after she was announced as The Doctor
Steven Moffat Fan Show interview, part 1
Gally adds Redgrave, loses Clarke, Richardson and Ford
Gally announced more guests, sale of reception tickets
Gally exclusive Titan Twelfth Doctor cover
Science of the Time Lords
David Fisher died
David Fisher Miniscope


Barnaby Edwards
Long Island Who

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