Radio Free Skaro #615 – The Three Doctors

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A year is about to expire, with a new 365 days around the sun just around the corner, and with this transition comes…stats. Yes, those of you who need to know the intimate details of eyeballs upon telescreens during the airing of “Twice Upon a Time”, fret no longer, we have all that information and more, including a truly mindbending look at how television scientists (including several Restoration Team boffins) extracted footage of Morecambe and Wise from a film canister full of goo. Plus news of a Bill Potts action dolly, Britbox coming to Canada, and an interview from Chicago TARDIS with three Doctors, the trio of physicians in question being Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy! Let’s hope all of you have a happy New Year with no complications!

Twice Upon A Time BBC Overnights
Twice Upon A Time UK Audience Appreciation
TARDIS set disassembly
Capaldi writes to unsure fan
BritBox coming to Canada in 2018
Morecambe & Wise episode restoration
Peter Capaldi Years Blu-Ray Set
Bill action figure
2017 Doctor Who In Memoriam
LI Who on hiatus

Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Chicago TARDIS

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #615 – The Three Doctors

  1. David, the little boy who got the letter from Peter Capaldi is the son of an ex-pupil of mine. She was also taught with me for a while and I have got to know her husband, Brian McGilloway, who was then a teacher but who now is an acclaimed crime writer. In fact, he consulted with me on life in the local LGBT community when writing his last book. He was at a crime writers’ convention in Belfast where he wrote: “The unexpected highlight of the weekend though had to be meeting Christopher Eccleston. Upon learning that my four kids were big Dr Who fans, he FaceTimed them on my phone as the Doctor and chatted with each of them about the show. Such a gracious, kind man.” so David’s a double lucky boy!

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