Radio Free Skaro #614 – The Long Way Round

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And so the Peter Capaldi era ends, the Jodie Whittaker era begins, and the David Bradley era sneaks in through the side door for “Twice Upon A Time”, the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special. But what did the Three Who Rule think? Join them as they examine the final story of the Steven Moffat era, and the precious few seconds we have until Autumn 2018 of an entirely new Doctor! And, by popular (two people, let’s be honest) request, we also have a spoiler-filled discussion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, squared away near the end for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #614 – The Long Way Round

  1. I was a bit more high on this then you guys. I’ll grant you it was a bit weak on plot but I thought that Bradly was treat as Hartnell-light, it had a strong bunch of genuinely great, dare I say, laugh out loud moments. End of the day, it wasn’t the best regeneration nor the best xmas special, but considering Moffat got pressed back into service against his will, it was an incredibly high note to end on. It didn’t try too hard, but it didn’t feel phoned in. The regeneration was a long overdue understated one, and left us with a bigger mystery than 10->11, and gives a huge hook shaped welcome mat for Jodie that will have cursing the fact we have to take the long way round.
    I disagree with you more about The Last Jedi, it was a technically fine, well directed, has about as many plot holes and dumb annoying stuff as every other Star Wars and I did laugh at the funny bits and cried at the sad bits. I appreciated the diversity, but it just felt like the tone of it was wrong, which was one thing that the Force Awakens had right. Maybe Warren (I think he said it) was right that its just a generational thing, it doesn’t feel right because it isn’t made for us anymore, and that’s ok. What bugs me is when people who do like it start accusing those of us who don’t of being whiny fanboys, or sexist or racist or just stupid for “Not getting it” or Nitpicking or any number of other things. It should be something we can just all agree to disagree on without it getting as polarized as politics.

  2. I thought that compared to last years special it was better for sure. It did not quite build like previous (Matt Smith) regeneration ep (which was spectacular) The Xerox thing was definitely hard to create a true touching reunion. And I wished that Clara would have had more than 30 sec of screen time, but hey. On a positive note, I really appreciated the doctors final words of wisdom and the cliff hanger certainly was effective in leaving us all hanging! Bradley was great as the first Doctor, and there was some great lines between the two.

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