Radio Free Skaro #608 – As The World Falls Down

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This week on Radio Free Skaro, join two thirds of The Three Who Rule from Long Island Who as Steven and Warren are joined by Deb from Verity! and Alyssa from Whovian Feminism and This Week in Time Travel to talk about the sad passing of Doctor Who music icon Dudley Simpson, some upcoming DVD and audio releases (like Star Cops from Big Finish!), but really dig in to the main event: the new outfit unveiled for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor! Also in this episode: the first of a two-part interview with director Rachel Talalay, and Luke from TMDWP joins us to talk about “World Enough and Time”!

Jodie Whittaker’s costume revealed
References in Jodie Whittaker’s costume
The Vanity Fair take on Whittaker’s costume
The Vogue take on Whittaker’s costume
Dudley Simpson dies at age 95
Children in Need to have Twice Upon A Time clip
William Hartnell years of “The Doctors” interview series due on DVD Nov 13
The Daemons of Devil’s End due on DVD on Nov 13
Big Finish announces new Star Cops audio series
LI Who 5, November 10-12


Rachel Talalay

Second Chances:

Luke Harrison
World Enough and Time

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