Radio Free Skaro #607 – Future Legend

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Sad news to impart this week, with the death of Doctor Who director and television pioneer Paddy Russell, who directed “The Massacre”, “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”, “Pyramids of Mars”, and “Horror of Fang Rock”, along with many other non-Who programmes on UK television. We also have news of Shada on DVD in North America, the continued audio adventures of River Song, doings transpiring at Titan Comics regarding the Doctor Who comics line, and in Second Chances we look at “The Eaters of Light” with Doctor Whooch host and Edmonton comic shop owner Danica LeBlanc!

Paddy Russell died
Paddy Russell Miniscope from Radio Free Skaro #487
Shada on DVD in North America on January 9
River Song in Big Finish for at least three more series
Titan Comics Doctor Who range to have a brief hiatus
Nick Pegg fired from Doctor Who Magazine
Doctor Whooch #125
LI Who 5, November 10-12

Second Chances:

Danica LeBlanc
The Eaters of Light

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