Radio Free Skaro #606 – Life On Mars

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News is slowly ramping up on the Series 11 front, with directors and executive producers being hired and supposedly hired for the debut series of new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker and head writer Chris Chibnall, “Twice Upon a Time” in Canadian theatres and Shaaaaaaadaaaa in Australian ones, Gallifrey One guest updates, WOTAN beating up Torchwood (as is right and proper) and in this week’s Second Chances…Mark Gatiss’ “Empress of Mars” with writer Tai Gooden!

Jamie Childs directs for Series 11?
Sam Hoyle producing Series 11
Twice Upon A Time in Canadian cinemas
Shada Australian cinema release
Gallifrey One guest update: Murray Gold announced! Pearl Mackie cancels!
WOTAN vs Torchwood in Big Finish
LEGO Dimensions officially dead, as is the planned Doctor Who set

Second Chances:

Tai Gooden
Empress of Mars

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #606 – Life On Mars

  1. The casting news lends weight to my theory that they’re doing a gender-swapped version of the 4th Doctor’s initial Tardis team – i.e. female versions of the 4th Doctor and Adric, and male versions of Tegan and Nyssa (though not sure yet which will be which).

    I heard the name Godsacre as being from God’s Acre, i.e. the old term for Churchyard/Burial Ground.

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