Radio Free Skaro #593 – School Ties and Martian Lies

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The Quiet Times have returned, with the Series 10 finale and San Diego Comic-Con receding in the distance and a long wait to December 25 ahead of us. But that doesn’t stop the dogged determination of the Three Who Rule, who won’t let a little thing like a lack of new material stop them from chattering on about one Mr. Who! And as a bonus we have an interview with Class and Doctor Who director Wayne Yip and a roll of the randomizer to determine which classic commentary will happen next week! Dare you listen? You dare indeed!

Unproduced Series 4 Script from Mark Gatiss
Nicholas Hoult was meant to be in Who
Peter Davison left twitter
Christel Dee interview part 2
Christel Dee interview part 3
Twice Upon A Time North American home video release
Series 10 Part 2 North American home video artwork


Wayne Yip

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