Radio Free Skaro #594 – Is That Finger Loaded?

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It’s the dog days of August, and with no new Doctor Who on the horizon for several months, what better way to spend a couple hours of that time with the Three Who Rule as they watch and commentate on “The Android Invasion”, the 1975…er…classic from the Tom Baker era. And while Warren is away in Scandanavia in advance of Worldcon in Helsink next weekend, Chris and Steven update you all with news of a radio appearance by Jodie Whittaker, a bevy of Big Finish news, and several pieces of merchandise you won’t be able to live without! Now let’s all have a ginger beer!

Jodie Whittaker on Radio 6
Christmas was almost cancelled
Series 10 deleted scenes
Animated Shada from BBC Worldwide
Blink, 10 years on
Upcoming Big Finish releases
Tenth Doctor and Web of Fear audios
Doctor Who Audio Annual
Doctor Who Mr Men figurines
2018 Doctor Who calendar
Yeti figurine
Christel Dee interview part 4


The Android Invasion

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