Radio Free Skaro #592 – I Was Fond Of Her Too, Jamie

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Comic-Con! Yes, SDCC has come and gone once again, and with it we now have a trailer for “Twice Upon a Time,” the swan-song for one P-Cap and the glorious retconning of one D-Brad as the First Doctor, along with words and thoughts from gentleman scribe Kyle Anderson, who gives us an almost-live look from the ground as he left the BBC panel, as well as filling us in the Classic Who panel he moderated featuring Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sophie Aldred! Plus a simply staggering pile of news about dollies, the continued stir over a female Doctor, and so..much..swag. And sadly, we also have to report the passing of both Deborah Watling and Trevor Baxter, who will be sorely missed.

Twice Upon A Time trailer
Comic-Con Doctor Who Panel
SDCC IMDB interview with Capaldi, Moffat and Kevin Smith
SDCC Empire interview with Capaldi, Moffat and Gatiss
SDCC Entertainment Weekly interview with Capaldi, Moffat, Mackie, Gomez and Gatiss
SDCC Classic Doctor Who panel, moderated by Kyle Anderson
SDCC SyFy interview with Davison, Aldred and C Baker
Wheel in Space telesnap recon preview
Deborah Watling died
Trevor Baxter died
Big Finish tribute to Trevor Baxter
13th Doctor Announcement Stats
The BBC Responds to Whittaker Casting Complaints
Capaldi’s Salary Revealed
Whittaker to get parity salary
Tom Spilsbury’s interview Hartnell challenge
The Simpsons jokes about a female Doctor
Series 10 DVD/BD Box Set release date?
Character Options renews license, 13th Doctor stuff available Autumn 2018
Penguin Random House extends book license
Doctor Who RPG Humble Bundle
Christel Dee Interview (Part 1)
Big Finish to do Doctor’s Daughter audio
River Song features in Titan’s The Lost Dimension

6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #592 – I Was Fond Of Her Too, Jamie

  1. Hey! Thank you for the “mea culpa” on reacting to how some were reacting to the 13th Doctor casting.

    I am one who was not in favor of it… For similar reasons stated by Peter Davison. But have been warming to the idea.

    Any way… I was left feeling very alone last week with how you had phrased things… But I very much appreciate what you said in this podcast.

    Thank you. And thank you for so many years of great conversation.

    Denver CO

  2. Am pleased there is a female Dr Who. Have seen it work. Did you know DC Legends of Tomorrow started with a male leader, Rip, He captained a time ship and led an argumentative, squabbling team till his mind was hijacked and he was converted into an enemy. The group was then led by Sarah, a female, who welded them into a strong cohesive team that rescued Rip. He then defers to her as ship’s captain (of his ship) and concedes she is a better captain than he ever was. She is a great team leader.

    And I’ll remind you that Rip is played by our own Arthur Darvill.

    Phyl Brighouse, Liverpool, UK

  3. Re your discussion about the “Twice Upon a Time” trailer-that looks like a World War 1 trench but the clincher is a German soldier with a distinctive World War 1 Feldmutzen cap. It cannot be World War 2. Keep up the great work on the podcast!

  4. Yes “Steven In Edmonton”, a VPN will work. I use one while Doctor Who is being broadcast to reach the BBC site in the UK and watch it there. I work every Saturday night when BBC America is broadcasting the episode at 9 p.m. I recommend Express VPN, works beautifully.
    On another note, I’ve been meaning to comment ever since the first episode about “Bill Potts”. I *so* identify with Bill and I am a 57 year-old-white-girl! (cut my teeth on ST:TOS). I love the character and think Pearl Mackie is brilliant.

  5. As per Scott’s note above, I too appreciated your note on your reaction last week to the unfavourable response to Ms Whittaker’s announcement. We’re all simply at some point on a long scale between “Best news ever!” to “I’m never watching this programme ever again!”. This “you must be for or against” binary debate is the thing I’ve disliked the most about the announcement. Don’t most of us need a while to digest the new Doctor, whoever he or she is? All I’m telling people around me is that if you expect me to love the new Doctor ahead of sometime late in 2018 then you don’t understand how Doctor Who fans deal with regeneration :o)
    Anyway, enough of that. On a different note – the trailer does have the look of World War I to me, and it makes me wonder whether the famous Christmas truce will have a part to play.

  6. Considering the events of the last season, Gatiss is clearly playing Captain Smarte. Capaldi’s comment both confirms and obfuscates this fact.

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