Radio Free Skaro #591 – The Future is Female

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The Whoniverse was on the edge of its seat today, for the announcement of…the second instalment of Fluid Links! But of course we actually mean the historic announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to take on the the role and the flag-bearer for Chris Chibnall’s new era of Doctor Who, due late next year. What do the Three Who Rule think of the announcement? Listen and find out! And also Fluid Links, we may have mentioned those earlier.

Jodie Whittaker IS THE DOCTOR!
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First Jodie Whittaker interview
Chibnall said he always wanted the next Doctor to be a woman
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North American Series 10 Part 2 home video release
Brian Minchin joins Hartswood Films
Tom Spilsbury steps down as Doctor Who Magazine editor
Doctor Who marketing job opening

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #591 – The Future is Female

  1. Country file is a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It has thrills, action, explosions, nakedness and lots of sex………….. I’m lying it’s about farming.

  2. One thing that never got tied up was Danny Pink and his descendant

  3. I actually don’t care what sex, or race the Doctor is, but what does bother me is the events that lead up to Jodie Whittaker getting the role.

    Say this has happened at any other time in Doctor Who’s history, something like back in Peter Davidson or even David Tennant’s days, I think the outcry would have been far more muted as back then there wasn’t this small minority of people screaming for it because they automatically assume it’s the right thing do to next. This next bit is pure speculation of course, but if the BBC decided to give in to these people like it seems, it puts any potential good male doctors with little to no chance of ever getting the role – which funnily enough, is exactly what equality isn’t about. I’d much rather they picked the best person regardless of gender etc, not because of it.

    This is where I think the real outcry has formed and no, that does not make people automatically sexist or disgusting like some comments I’ve seen. Many are just concerned that the BBC etc gave into a small minority for no other reason then because.

    If the rumours of Kris and Jodie being the top candidates for the job however, then I think the BBC made the right choice in getting Jodie and I look forward to seeing what she can do. Kris is a good actor, but I think he lacks screen presents a lot of the time and if the rumours of the BBC wanting Doctor Who to be more light and fluffy are true, I think Kris would easily do that, but I don’t think that’s a good thing as I’m sure viewers will get bored and switch over.

  4. Hi

    I did not want a woman to be cast as The Doctor. Simply because I believe that The Doctor is a male character. And always has been. I was never keen on the idea of time lords regenerating into other genders. That being said. I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for so long and I’m not ready to give it up. I’ll give Jodie a chance and hope they didn’t just cast her because she was a woman :D. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  5. I am incredibly disappointed with you guys! i’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time, and i’ve always found it very interesting and entertaining. But this time was very different. this time you called me a moron, idiot, cry baby and other horrible things. It felt like being bullied by gang of thugs. seriously guys, this was nasty! You were in such a hurry to ridicule everyone who was disappointed with the casting choice, that you forgot to take into consideration that not every unhappy person is a man!
    I am a woman, and i hate this change, i like my doctor to be a man, because that’s the integral part of his personality, in my mind that’s who he is. Changing his gender quite simply feels like taking away my Doctor. The Doctor being a woman is not the same character anymore, so naturally i’m upset. Not everyone who is upset is woman-hating-cry-dude! Was it really necessary to start name calling your listeners? I’m very sad now 😦 because of the show changing, and because of your words 😦

  6. Well I think this has to be the most fundamental change in the so called Whoinverse …but as you guys know SN and JNT were up for a female Doctor decades ago. ……..Moffatt’s The curse of evil death …….was basically what happened. As a white 50 year old meta sexually man . Who has watched Who from the PT era with my dad , but only remembers Pertwee onwards ..this is always what I wanted from Who…….the Doctor is an alien …..WH, TB, MT, very alien…but he can be apparently human too PD, DT spring to mind ….I love this show and I think JW is so doctory …she will be brilliant. Doctor Who ….always different …always the same.

  7. If you guys ever feel a burning desire to recreate the BBC’s flagship rural affairs show for a North American audience, this is IMHO what you should be aiming for:

    Steven (filmed outside traditional English pub): Hello, and welcome to Radio Free Countryfile. This week, we’re in Wiltshire, examining the culture and history of that historic West Country county.

    Erika (standing in front of church): I’ll be investigating the mysterious case of this rural church behind me, which was once thought completely destroyed by the BBC.

    Erika (V / O): Also in tonight’s show…

    Tom Heap (up to his knees in a soggy, freezing clay pit): As the latest discussions between the Friends Of Uxarieus and the Intensive farm Management Corporation grind to a halt, I’ll be asking if this spells The End… not just for our bees, but for The Future Of Humanity Itself.

    Steve Brown (peering into ominous cave entrance): I’ll be swapping this wheelchair for a spacesuit, as I try my hand at the sport of Satan Pit Spelunking, now recognised as one of the UK’s fastest-growing outdoor activities.

    John Craven (in a field): Our resident farmer, Adam, will be swapping his tractor for a tractor-beam as he goes in search of a rare breed of bipedal bunny-tailed livestock known as the Teller, and I’ll be here with a reminder of next Friday’s closing date for the Countryfile Photographic Competition. Remember, no photos of dinosaurs, robot dogs or animals in Miniscope captivity please. Remember, the twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen) finalists will each have their work featured in the Countryfile Calendar, which last year raised a staggering one point five million pounds in aid of Children In Need.

    Erika: Later in the show, Steven will be sampling the delights of the local craft fair, in preparation for the birthday of a famous local sci-fi writer and author…

    Steven: …And Erika will discover how easy it is to set up a worldwide broadcast in the heart of the English countryside…

    Erika: But first, here’s what happened when author and sci-fi writer Andrew Smith took us on a detour to Buckinghamshire, to place where Evolution has progressed but Time has almost quite literally stood still…

    Yep, that’s pretty much what it’ll sound like. Just a couple of other production notes to bear in mind. As per this week’s BBC controversy, Steven will be paid roughly three hundred times as much as Erika’s six-figure sum. And, as per the BBC controversy of several years ago, one or both of you will be told by a member of our camera crew that, “blimey luv, you’ll need to get yourself some plastic surgery round the eyes before they let you appear on HDTV. Wrinkles like that, viewers get too close to the screen and they’ll be afraid they’ll fall in.”

    This astute observation will be a precursor to one or both of you being let go when the show moves to primetime Saturday nights in Spring 2018. Of course, one or both of you will sue the BBC. Happily, the Adjudicator will find in favour of yourself(s): Unfair Dismissal on the Grounds of Ageism. Not sexism, mind you. I’d also like to point out that all the above is in no way meant as a representation of actual events from any UK flagship rural affairs programme, living or dead.

    Tom Heap: …Having heard the arguments from the FOU and the IfMC, it seems their dispute does indeed spell The End… both for our bees and for The Future Of Humanity Itself. But is that the whole story? Join me later in the programme, when I’ll be chatting to a group of Elders who think they might have found an explosive answer to the problem.

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