Radio Free Skaro #590 – Blue Man Group

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Series 10 may be over, but your questions have just begun! Fluid Links returns (and re-returns next week) for us to answer, dodge and blatantly lie our way through your thoughtful enquiries about the ast series of Doctor Who…and the Xmas special still to come!

World Enough and Time final BBC One viewing figures
The Doctor Falls BBC America ratings
The Doctor Falls Appreciation Index
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SDCC Classic Doctor Who Panel, hosted by Kyle Anderson!
Toronto Doctor Who hosts Eric Saward
Red, White and Who preorder begins; available August 21

8 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #590 – Blue Man Group

  1. Re: BBC America ratings down.

    I’m not surprised. I haven’t seen a final scene or next time trailer all season! They bury both in the middle of Orphan Black. Grrrr. It took half the season for us to realize this was even happening. Why? Why? Why even do this thing? Orphan Black is in its last season and it’s a twisty plot driven monster that requires loyal viewing from Ep 1. People are not going to suddenly say, ooh I guess I’ll just watch this last season! Pure pointlessness! We are watching on Netflix next season. Take that, BBC America!!

    P.S. Keep up the good work, lads! Many thanks are overdue for the hours of entertainment provided that got me through a spot of chemotherapy and wound clinic nonsense.

    P.P.S. Alphabits are a thing here too in the U.S.

  2. on the monk trilogy, tbh i think it all falls down w/ lie of the land failing to stick the landing: there are plenty of good ideas there but i just don’t think whithouse knows how to use/explore them probably. but moffat mentioned in the dwm preview for pyramid at the end of the world that the reason he had a co credit was that he didn’t have time to go through the normal notes & handing back to the writer for redrafting process because his mother was very ill and indeed, he mentions rewriting the script in the hospital at her bedside. given that she unfortunately passed away, i think it’s safe to assume he might have not overseen lie of the land as closely as he might have. on the other hand, whithouse generally seems to be someone moffat trusts as a safe pair of hands so he might have gotten pretty free rein regardless. the mistake was probably giving the final episode to whithouse in the first place, but that’s apparently were the story idea he came up with worked. who knows? anyway it’ll be interesting to see how chibnall works with the writers he brings in.

  3. Bad fan theory

    The 13th & 1st meld together or 13 is meeting the 1st BEFORE the unearthly child & the whole Chris Chibnall era will be remakes from the beginning

  4. Michael Jordan joined the Wizards first as Vice President. Abe Pollin was the owner at the time.

  5. I keep coming back to two things I picked up on in The Doctor Falls that I don’t think I’ve heard or read anybody comment on:

    One, in addition to the line about it all being girls in the future, there was the one line where Bill turned to the Doctor, and seemingly out of the blue checked with him to be sure he knew she liked girls, particularly those her age… And when I said he knew, she replied how she just wanted to be sure he knew, then walked off… I think those were even their last words to one another. If that’s not a case of a Companion influencing the direction of an upcoming Regeneration I’ll be shocked…

    Also, on Missy and the Master shooting each other – there’s a massively easy way out of that, that allows the Master to continue to be the bad guy without negating Missy’s redemption: we never saw the Master Regenerate! We’re assuming the Simm Master regenerated directly to Missy – but there could’ve been any number of Regenerations between the two incarnations! Which could make watching “future” incarnations of the Master kind of interesting, in that we as the viewers know s/he is on the long road to redepmtion. Might even make upcoming incarnations of the Master a somewhat tragic character.

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