Radio Free Skaro #589 – Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward

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Lo, the (almost) end has come, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts, feels and comments about “The Doctor Falls,” the penultimate episode for both director Rachel Talalay and showrunner/writer Steven Moffat. What did the three scoundrels think of this stew of Masters and Mondasians? More to the point, what’s going on with the First Doctor and the upcoming Xmas special? So many questions! Next week, the return of Fluid Links, but only pertaining to Series 10, so no questions about Nimons and Axons!

The Doctor Falls review
Christmas Special press release
Christmas Special promo pic
Doctor Who Fan Show interviews Moffat & Talalay
Moffat homage to RTD as mentioned in the Fan Show
Matt Lucas says goodbye
Michelle Gomez says goodbye
The Doctor Falls BBC One overnight viewing figures
The Eaters of Light final BBC One viewing figures
World Enough and Time Appreciation Index
The Thirteenth Doctor’s actor should be known soon
Gallifrey One guest announcement
Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who at San Diego Comic-Con
LI Who guests
Voord and Tetrap figurines
Planet 14 Information

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #589 – Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward

  1. First time listener to RFS, downloaded recent podcast 589, thoroughly enjoyed it the “speculation meltdown” which dominated the is edition was very amusing. Agree the Puddle Lady resolution to Bill’s story seemed a little desperate as was the similarity of Bill’s supposed exit from the series to Clara’s exit. P-Cap P-Mack and M-Luc (ok that last one doesn’t quite work!!) have been a great team shame they disbanded after a season but will no doubt continue to live on in other media ultimately as all other TARDIS teams are destined to do end up on Big Finish! Will be listening in to 590, all the best from South-West UK.

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