Radio Free Skaro #582 – Every Breath You Take

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It’s that most wondrous time of the year again, Base Under Siege-mas, in the form of Jamie Mathieson’s anti-corporate not-zombie saga “Oxygen”! What did the Three Who Rule think? Listen and find out, before their oxygen credits are depleted and they’re sucked into the cold, meaningless vacuum!

Episode 5 – “Oxygen”
“Thin Ice” final ratings
Knock Knock AI rating – 83
“The Pyramid at The End of the World” synopsis
Geoffrey Bayldon (1923-2017)

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #582 – Every Breath You Take

  1. So, were there Fred, Daphnie, and Shaggy suits as well?

  2. evil version of capaldi as the valeyard is in the vault.. missing episode to the tenth planet or Shia labeouf wearing a paperbag could also be in there…

  3. Didn’t the Doctor say Corporatist not Capitalist? Corporatism is something completely different.

    BTW the replacement for Capitalism might end up being a larger focus on free market competition. The Capital in capitalism is becoming largely irrelevant over time.
    have fun.

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