Radio Free Skaro #581 – Is There A Doctor In The House?

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It’s time for Steven, Warren and noted Nerdist Kyle Anderson to assess the timbre of “Knock Knock,” the Mike Bartlett penned ode to lumber-based horror and insectile consumption. Did the Two Who Rule and Kyle consider this story a mighty oak or a mere sapling in the forest of Series 10? Plus news of a new series of Torchwood via Big Finish starring (Lumber)Jack Harkness and the rest of the gang plus new recruits, and a thrilling dive into the prehistory of computer games. No trees were harmed in the production of this podcast.

Episode 4 – “Knock Knock”
“Knock Knock” overnights – 4.32 Million, 24.9% share
Doctor Who: The Fan Show with David Suchet and Mike Bartlett
Stay at the house used for exteriors for “Knock Knock”
Kyle Anderson’s “Knock Knock” review on Nerdist
Smile final BBC One viewing figures 5.98 Million, 23rd for the week
“Thin Ice” AI: 84
Episode 6 – “Extremis” – synopsis
“Knock Knock” and its tie to the past
UK DVD/Blu-Ray Series 10 releases: Part 1, May 29; Part 2, July 17
New Big Finish companion for Fourth Doctor
Torchwood so-called Series 5 will be in Big Finish
Doctor Who Skype Bot
Doctor Who Nerd Block figures
New K-9 design revealed, and movie announced

6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #581 – Is There A Doctor In The House?

  1. Surprised no one has yet mentioned this ….but The Grateful Dead released a series of CDs and DVD s called View from the Vaults……I reckon it is Jerry Garcia in the Vault and he and Peter’s Doctor will end the Christmas special with both doing a 20 jam on Dark Star whilst Peter Capaldi regenerates ….of course I could be wrong

  2. Joke… should have read 40 not 20 minute jam on Dark Star…..but that may end up on the box set. Seriously though it probably is John Sim Master in the vault….obvious to us but not so to the average UK viewer.

  3. Didn’t Rose have a mate named Sharrine (sp?) who fell for the same guy as her?

  4. Rose had a friend named Shareen (never seen, I think, just talked about). In the third episode, when she and the Doctor returned after thinking they’d been gone 12 hours, Rose called out to her mom that she had been at Shareen’s.

  5. I am 36 years old and ELIZA and Infocom are relevant to my interests. Go, nerds!

  6. Always nice to listen to a show run by Canadians. Knock, Knock my favourite show of the season. It’s a happy Dr Who and a little bit spooky. When I saw the house at first I thought this was going to involve somehow the Sarah Jane Adventures cast and I wonder if these kids in Knock Knock will show up again. There’s a movie called Burnt Offerings with Oliver Reed and Burgess Meredith which I think this episode is based on. Always a pleasure to see David Suchet. Best wishes from Calgary. Alain LaVerdiere. Ps is there there a reason that from Chris E. to Peter C that wooden people are as included as much as they are in Dr Who plots? Thanks for all the good shows!️‍

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