Radio Free Skaro #583 – The Meddling Monks

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We’re at the midway point of Series 10 (sniff) so what better time for Steven Moffat to check in on the show he runs by penning another episode himself in the form of “Extremis”, a mind-bending escapade that took viewers from England to the Vatican and all points in between. Or did it…? Once again, the inestimable Kyle Anderson steps in as a replacement for one of the Three (in place of Warren this time) to join Chris and Steven on this review. What did they think? What of the Monks? And the occupant of the Vault? In this podcast we are revealed…

Episode 6 – “Extremis”
Moffat and Mulkern talk “Extremis”
“Extremis” BBC One overnight viewing figures
“Oxygen” overnight viewing figures
Oxygen Appreciation Index
Jamie Mathieson talks Gus and Oxygen
“Knock Knock” final BBC One viewing figures
“The Lie of the Land” synopsis
Michelle Gomez leaving Who along with Moffat & Capaldi
…or is she?
Michelle Gomez reddit AMA
Big Finish releasing second Tenth Doctor audio series
BBC shutting down TV episode downloading service
Radiophonic Workshop’s “Burials in Several Earths” released
Who poetry book written by James Goss and Illustrated by Russell T Davies due in September
Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 web-based game released
Eric Pringle reportedly died

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #583 – The Meddling Monks

  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle!
    Also, apparently the Catholic Church isn’t too picky about what’s abonimable, book-wise!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kyle!
    Also: apparently the Catholic Church isn’t too picky about what’s abonimable, book-wise!
    Also, Also: I’m rather miffed that BBC Bloody America doesn’t put the “Next Time” trailer at the end of episodes, trying to force me to watch CLASS to catch it (which I won’t!). I watch it on the YouTubes, instead (the trailker, not CLASS….).

  3. The ‘lo and behold’ being the first message on the internet anecdote is lovely but incorrect. The first message was in fact ‘Lo’ – because the system crashed. However, they weren’t trying to send ‘Lo and behold’, they were trying to send ‘Login successful.” So now you know!

  4. I have a bit of a big theory. What if the monks are Red Herring, and the true “Master”-mind behind this invasion is in fact the John Simm Master. The Doctor Emailing himself was part of the plan, because he knew that would drive the Doctor to release Missy, thus doubling the Masters in play.

    Also I’ve heard a few people say the monks look similar to the confession dial monster. Perhaps they’re the same thing. Like they aren’t even an actual race but actually some sort of security program for artificial realities.

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