Radio Free Skaro #379 – Inside the Spaceship


Radio Free Skaro #379 – Click here to listen!

rfs379The afterglow of the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor has still not worn off if this week’s news list, and the enthusiasm of the Three Who Rule, is anything to go by. Tons of Capaldi news from his fan battles as a teenager to the clandestine methods employed to smuggle him into the BBC for his big reveal will no doubt thrill and entertain you, along with a healthy dose of merchandise news. And to top it off, Kat from Verity! joins us for a commentary of “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” from this past series. Exciting stuff!
Show Notes:

The casting of…Peter Capaldi!
Peter Capaldi…old school fanboy!
Doctor Who Live…overnight viewing figures!
Doctor Who Live…a hit in Canada!
Doctor Who Live…on BBC America!
Doctor Who Live…popular around the world!
The Story of…Doctor Who Live!
Neil Gaiman on…the new Doctor!
Steven Moffat says…no female Doctor!
Coming to Big Finish…Sil!
50th Anniversary…action figure colection!
Series 7 Soundtrack…coming September 9!
Doctor Who Prom on BBC One…on August 26!
Doctor Who exhibition…in Sydney, Australia!
Pay what you want for…Doctor Who books!
Gallifrey One…membership transfers!
Long Island Doctor Who…day passes!
August Region 1 Doctor Who…DVD/Blu-ray releases!
Kat from…Verity!


Journey to the Centre…of the TARDIS!

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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #379 – Inside the Spaceship

  1. Cant we get away from this pc nonsense?
    just have a different timelord be a another color or a woman.
    why does it have to be the doctor?

  2. Good show as usual!

    Looking forward to the guesting on “Reality Bomb”. I somehow managed to find the first episode, but I don’t know how. It appears that they have taken away the ability to download “Reality Bomb”. I can’t find it anywhere:

    I will settle in the mean-time for the experience of reading about a podcast instead of listening to it. So if you are on it, and there’s a link to it, please make sure it is in the Show Notes.


    Canadian dubbing of the Doctor? Rick Moranis, of course. “Take off in the TARDIS, eh?” “Fish-fingers and back-bacon”

  3. Hey, guys! Just wanted to say that some of us outside of Canada know Sharon, Lois and Bramm. My oldest daughter watched them every day on PBS in Alabama when she was little.

    Love the podcast!

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