Radio Free Skaro #380 – A Study in Crimson


Radio Free Skaro #380 – Click here to listen!

rfs380“Whimsical yet terrifying” is an apt way to describe “The Crimson Horror,” this week’s commentary, but also an accurate portrayal of current Who news. What missive struck fear into the stalwart hearts of the Three Who Rule? Possibly the fact that CBC executives wanted to dub over Christopher Eccleston’s Northern England accent with something more suitable to Canadian ears. Perhaps a Newfie accent would have made more sense. Or perhaps it was the notion that filming on Series 8 of Doctor Who won’t begin until January? The horror continued with a discussion of David Lee Roth’s storied career, what constitutes a bad fan (hint: probably everything) and more! And that’s before the commentary, with special guest Deb Stanish of the Verity Podcast! Enjoy!
Show Notes:

Series 8 begins filming…in January!
Neil Cross…back for Series 8!
William Hartnell console…at the Doctor Who Experience!
The future of…River Song!
Christopher Eccleston…dubbed?
Torchwood: Miracle Day…coming to BBC America!
BFI announces…Ninth Doctor screening guests!
BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (1)
BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (2)!
BBFC clears DVD material for…The Tenth Planet! (3)!
Article on…the Doctor Who Restoration Team!
1967 William Hartnell interview…found!
The TARDIS on…Google Maps!
Peter Capaldi…doubles eBay memorabilia sales!
Bill Nighy…turns down Doctor Who role!
Katie Sackoff…as Tom Baker!
Bob Mitsch’s…Zygons and Fourth Doctor costumes!
Bob Mitsch’s…costumes!
Bob Mitsch’s…Zygon!
Deb from…Verity!


The Crimson…Horror!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #380 – A Study in Crimson

  1. Actually guys,i simply enjoy Radio Free Skaro for it’s amusing banter and the demonstrative respect for anybody who has worked on Doctor Who which i value a great deal considering how excessive a lot of personal criticism is now.So it’s not really just nerdish completism.I can only applaud your commitment and enthusiasm in producing new content over the last seven years.Happy anniversary Radio Free Skaro.Really enjoyed Deb Stanish’s contribution to your latest commentary for’The Crimson Horror’.Slightly ashamed to admit, i too enjoy the violent way the story dispenses with Mr Sweet considering what an affable fanboy Matthew Sweet is.Rachael Stirling is also very impressive in The Bletchley Circle and Tipping The Velvet if you want to take a look.Karen Gillan can be seen in Mike Flanagans forthcoming horror film Oculus with Katie Sackoff which is premiering at this years Toronto Film Festival.

  2. Loved the Dr. Tongue reference.

    Imagine if SCTV had still been around to satire the idea of Canadian TV dubbing “Doctor Who” in “Canadian”. Rick Moranis as “Dr. Eh” with a sonic hockey stick and all.

    I usually end up listening to the commentaries during a driving commute, which kind of defeats the purpose. But they are always so entertaining that I really don’t fell I am missing much.

  3. Hey gys- thanks for the shout out. The GEEK Magazine shoot was a blast. Lots of fun to terrorize Katee as a Zygon and have her dress in my Four Costume. Doubly so when she insiste don wearing the side burns! To clarify a few points – The Zygon was made for this past Gally ’13 where it won a few Masque Awards. The Morbius Monster was what we made 2 years ago for Gally ’12. I do not run the Masquerade. I’m a frequent participant, and usually have closed the Masques with a long parody exhibition sketches since 2009. I do run the Cosplay Hall and help run the Cosplay Program Track for Gally. We did our 1st hour long comedy show at Gally ’13 and are due to perform one again in ’14. Many thanks on the compliment son the Four outfit. I have costumes for every Doctor but Four is my personal Favorite. I don’t offer costumes per se but I run group purchases and can arrange for some replicas to be made like shirts, sweaters, trousers etc. People can find me at for more costuming tips. Happy to come on sometime to talk props and costumes with you guys but otherwise keep up the great work!

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