Radio Free Skaro #378 – Peter XII


Radio Free Skaro #378 – Click here to listen!

Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor! Announced during a worldwide live TV broadcast, Peter Capaldi was introduced to an Elstree TV studio full of delighted fans and an entire planet full of excited watchers, and the result is near unanimous – Steven Moffat’s sole choice for the role was the right. Good thing the Three Who Rule recorded the news two days before the announcement…and got the announcement right! Amazing foresight (luck) on their part! However, Erika from Verity! not only drops by to talk with Steven about the live broadcast of Capaldi’s reveal, but also joins the crew for a commentary on the Series 7 episode “Hide”. All hail Peter the Great! And the new Peter, too!
Show Notes:

The Twelfth Doctor is…Peter Capaldi!
The Next Doctor…live on SPACE!
Looking back at…casting of Doctors!
The Eighth Doctor…Revisited!
The Radio Times…exhibition!
The ice Warriors…DVD details!
The Scream of the Shalka…DVD details!
Terror of the Zygons…DVD details!
IDW Doctor Who 50th Anniversary story…by Paul Cornell!
Doctor Who up for…the Welshies!
Erika from…Verity!



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13 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #378 – Peter XII

  1. I got “BBC America” for this. A couple of months ago. I was dismayed and disappointed, as these couple of months of BBC-America have been pretty much Who-free, and seemingly have been 25 hours a day of “Top Gear” leavened by hours of American movies and TV shows.

    But today…. This THIS is why I have the channel!

  2. Hey!Do you guy’s think Keith Miller is okay about all this?Big Congratulations and huge welcome to Mr Capaldi as he does his best to control the TARDIS from now on,although i hope he does not discuss his characters’ underwear when he does his first interview with Gay Times to win favour since he’s like 55.Just don’t think Hartnell or Troughton would have done that back in the day Matt.Really going to miss Matt and wish him every success as he seeks new challenges and projects.I hope he’s securing some meetings in L.A now. Of course Captain Stapley could pilot the TARDIS and Tegan couldn’t.He was a pilot and she was a stewardess.It all made sense.Really,it did.Yup.Great to see Cribbins appearing so well in the live broadcast too.

  3. Yeah… No. I’ve definitely got one of those fan brains that’s struggling, at least at this point, to quite come to terms with the idea that the Doctor will be played by the same guy who played not only Caecilius in ‘Fires of Pompeii’ but also Frobisher in ‘Children of Earth’.

    Sure, I’ll probably get used to the idea but I don’t like it when the production side does something like this which in a way shrinks the Doctor Who universe. There are now three distinct characters, of various level of importance, with the exact same face for no explicable reason.

    It was weird with Freema Agyeman, slightly less so with Karen Gillan (she was covered in weird make-up and I think made a funny voice in her first appearance) and I can almost brush off Colin Baker’s two appearances as being two related, however distantly, time lords. When Romana turned up in Princess Astra’s body the explanation didn’t sit well and this time with the Doctor I’m not sure there’s even an explanation to be had within the universe of the show.

    He had better be a damned good Doctor. Or else… Well, I’ll still keep watching the show and all but it might bug me a bit from time to time.

  4. Freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches… YUM! Best episode of RFS EVER!

    Oh, I guess the announcement of Peter Capaldi is alright, too.

  5. KroWew: It is State Fair season in America. Look for deep beer-batter fried freeze-drice ice cream sandwiches!

    All: This is the post “Name of the Doctor” era… where the three+ Clara’s were revealed to be fragments (?) of the same person.

    The other appearances of Capaldi in the “Whoniverse” could be explained, in some future plot, as avatars of the 12th Doctor…

  6. It doesn’t bother me at all that Mr Capaldi has played other character’s in Doctor Who’s franchise.He’s an accomplished and experienced professional actor who’s made a living by assuming a number of different character roles in various projects .If every actor who contributed an impressive performance in something was precluded work ,nobody would have any incentive to work as an actor.If Peter Capaldi had any difficulty convincing audiences he was not the same person he wouldn’t keep landing work in new projects.I very much doubt the twelfth doctor will be especially reminiscent of the likes of John Frobisher or Malcolm Tucker in any way.

  7. Roy: It doesn’t bother me either, actually. I was into Star Trek long before Doctor Who, and there are instances of actors being re-used in that too.

    Especially the man who played Brunt the Ferengi, the obnoxious Andorran, and one or two other characters. Mark Lenard was also in more than one role. Things like this, to me, make the “franchise” more interesting.

  8. My correct personal appellation is Raymond or Ray please MayorOfUlthar.Attended Karen Gillans’ first public promotional engagement publicising Doctor Who and presented her with an Amy Pond standee to autograph with my name provoking some bamboozlement.Subsequently discovered from a later newspaper article in the Daily Record which elaborated on her family background that Karens’ parents are Raymond John and Marie Gillan.Bigger on the inside level weirdness as i’ve never met anybody else with my name,so i,ve tended to feel pretty singular.

  9. Peter Capaldi will be excellent. I am very pleased the Three Who Rule feel the same way. Maybe now Craig Ferguson has a shot at being on the show. Exciting times ahead for Who.

  10. Ray: Sorry, was a typo!

    Chris M: I’m sure the appearances of the Doctor actor on Craig’s show won’t diminish. If anything there might be more.

  11. To Ray Adamson: Keith Miller is more than fine with all this! Peter is a fine actor with brilliant comic timing. Ive been a fan since he was in Local Hero and used to think it was a shame he had the same name as. . . Then I realised it was the same guy!

  12. Hello, Mr Miller.Lovely to see your public endorsement of Mr Capaldis’ involvement now and to note that you must be listening to Radio Free Skaro’s broadcasts along with me.Many thanks for all your work with the International fan club before the Appreciation Society was established.I seem to remember writing to you once when Tom Baker started in 74.

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