Radio Free Skaro #377 – Emergency Luke


Radio Free Skaro #377 – Click here to listen!

rfs377On thisss week’sss Radio Free Ssskaro, the Ice Warriors return! Well, one of them does in the Cold War era episode called…er…”Cold War”, of which there is a commentary presented. Luke from TMDWP joins us, replacing Seattle-bound Warren, to give us not only his thoughts on one of his favourite episodes from the recent series, but also to tell us about the Sylvester McCoy BFI event that occurred on July 27. Also, much news and speculation is discussed, as well as a whole host of merchandise to make sure your pockets are liberated of any spare cash. Expect more of such things as we get closer and closer to the event of the year in November!
Show Notes:

50th Anniversary special…simulcast worldwide!
BBC statement on…the Comic Con trailer!
Twelfth Doctor…audition scripts!
Is Doctor Who Confidential…returning?
Returning for the 50th Anniversary…Paul McGann?
Be in the audience for…a Doctor Who celebration show!
Steven Moffat promises…closure!
Series 7 box set…details!
Series 7 box set…coming later in the UK!
50th Anniversary Character Options Building…mini figures!
Eleventh Doctor…Mr. Potato Head!
Captain Jack Harkness…costume T-shirt!
Lord President of Gallifrey…costume T-shirt!
Sophie Aldred…photo exhibition!
Russell t Davies auctions a Midnight script…for charity!
The Who’s He Podcast…featuring Chris!
Adventures with the Wife and Blake…Kickstarter!



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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #377 – Emergency Luke

  1. If someone is not willing to get up at 6:00 am to see the 50th anniversary, it might be wasted on them anyway.

    Has any word come out on which movie theatres might show the 50th also?

  2. catching up on weeks old RFS eps…listening to the Cold War commentary right now. While evoking your personal remembrances of 1983, I can’t help but recall mine as an 18 year old college freshman. There was a made for TV movie that literally scared the bejeezus out of many of us — The Day After. I remember lying in bed waiting for the missiles to fly over at any moment. That heightened sense of dread lasted for several weeks, but parts of it lingered until the latter part of the decade.

  3. I’m a massive fan of episode commentaries and have been sad to see their downward spiral in the past few series. It’s always interesting to get an inside look at the episodes, and I can’t really see them being that difficult to make. I certainly wish they would see fit to include a few more. Maybe in a later special edition release…

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