Radio Free Skaro #344 – More Than 100 Minutes In The TARDIS


Radio Free Skaro #344 – Click here to listen!

Happy New Year! After battling illness and ennui over the past week and a half, the Three Who Rule are back with a bumper episode to launch 2013, the centrepiece of which is an epic interview with Kevin Jon Davies. Davies was the director and producer of “More Than 30 Years In The TARDIS”, the BBC’s official 30th anniversary celebration for Doctor Who, but his connection to the worlds of Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and Blake’s 7, made for a fascinating chat. Also, your three hosts run down the Christmas time viewing figures, discuss their importance, and also talk about puppies. Six weeks until Gallifrey One!
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…Appreciated!
The Snowmen…Final Ratings!
The Snowmen…Watched On iPlayer!
Catrin Stewart…Gally Guest Update!
Doctor Who Adventures…Comes To iOS!
Doctor Who eBooks…From Puffin!


Kevin Jon…Davies!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #344 – More Than 100 Minutes In The TARDIS

  1. Hey! Happy New Year,champions of Canadian Doctor Who podcasting.Let’s hope that the anticipation and speculation about how the BBC choose to celebrate the anniversary isn’t detrimental to our appreciation of the Doctor Who which is produced.Commiserations on the poor health which decimated your festive celebrations this year,at least if the silurians attempted to reclaim the Earth starting from Canada they would have been doomed by you.Hope your feeling better.

  2. The puppy conversation made me smile a lot: it’s the kind of whimsy and tangent-ery that I’ve come to expect from RFS. Just commenting to let you know that this listener appreciates off-topic banter.

  3. I loved the interview, thanks for sharing! As a fan who started with the new series and worked backward I find all of this fascinating.

  4. Just obtained my copy of the Doctor Who legacy box set and watched More Than Thirty Years in the Tardis.So poignant to see the interview with Gerry Anderson and his son discussing Doctor Who considering recent events.Condolences to his family and friends.Hope you saw Neil Gaiman performing the theme to Fireball XL5 at his wife’s New Year concert on his blog.It was genuine,kind and fun.I thought.Admittedly, his writing is much better than his singing but i still like the song,anyway.Thanks Gerry Anderson.

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