Radio Free Skaro #345 – Celebrations and Swan Songs


Radio Free Skaro #345 – Click here to listen!

All good things come to an end, and so it must be with the series of interviews Steven conducted at Chicago TARDIS. But we end with none other than Gary Russell, someone who has done so much not only in the world of Doctor Who but also in a myriad of other creative pursuits. From his start as a child actor on the Famous Five to his work as editor of Doctor Who magazine and his years as script editor of the show itself, Russell has seen and done it all.

And of course it wouldn’t be an episode of RFS without a lot of meandering discussion, news, and a palpable excitement for Gallifrey, which is merely a month away. Hooray!

Show Notes:

Delia…Derbyshire Day!
Big Finish…Celebrates The 50th Anniversary!
Queers Dig…Time Lords!
Eoin Colfer…Writes For Doctor Who!



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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #345 – Celebrations and Swan Songs

  1. I love Radio Free Skaro and I’ve been a regular listener for about two years. My favourite episode was when they had the extended feature about Doctor Who in Canada. As a British fan I am interested in how other fans from around the world got into Who and how their experience has been locally for them.

  2. Gary Russell is fascinating, what a great guest! When it comes to the overly collective and need for a physical product, I could not agree more. I am 28, everyone I know downloads stuff, but I still will not budge. OFten times I try to point out that if you buy the physical product on release date (usually the cheapest time to buy in the States, that or wait a year or more) you can actually spend less than the cost of a legal download, PLUS you get the shiny disc and artwork. If you are in a pinch, you could even sell the discs to a used record store!

    Thanks a lot, Gary! You have awakened the monster within, that voice that tells me to buy the 5″ piece of plastic, to buy everything put out by that artist.

    *end of rant*

    Thanks, guys, for the great interview (or should I say, great taped conversation).

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