Radio Free Skaro #343 – Hilarity, Polarity, and Clara-ty


Radio Free Skaro #343 – Click here to listen!

NEW WHO! The Three Who Rule were delighted to find a sparkling new Doctor Who story under their Christmas tree in the form of “The Snowmen,” a somewhat deceptive name as actual snowmen figure nowhere near as much as disembodied manifestations, the plummy tones of Sir Ian McKellen, the iconic Richard E. Grant, and a puzzle of an enigma known as Clara the barmaid/governess. Throw in a sassy Sontaran, a sensual Silurian and her good lady wife, and a broody, moody, and altogether froody Matt Smith and you’ve got yourself a Christmas special! And a podcast about said special! Christmas!
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…overnight viewing figures!
Doctor Who 50th anniversary…postage stamps!
Gerry Anderson…dies, sadly.

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #343 – Hilarity, Polarity, and Clara-ty

  1. Finally! Two years ago I really didn’t enjoy Christmas Carol (I know, I know) and you guys clearly did. Then last year I did enjoy the christmas special and you guys clearly didn’t. This year we are finally on the same page so I didn’t have an hour of (very entertainingly) being told I was wrong. Also, I had to laugh at Chris and his determination to ignore the fact that the Doctor (particularly Tennant) did quite a bit of his own pining towards Rose. Maybe not as much as she fell for him, and maybe not in the same “human” way but like it he pined. So much gratutious pining there can be no denying it! I really enjoyed the way Chris ploughed ahead with his determination not to listen to Warren’s points though. Good stuff. Great episode guys!

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