Radio Free Skaro #304 – Flay Otters


Radio Free Skaro #304 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule enjoy another slow news week with excess meanderings, needlessly extending the length of this week’s instalment… however a slow news week coupled with a Classic Series commentary is a good thing. The lads turn their gaze to talking over the *cough* David Agnew *cough* masterpiece City of Death, heralded by Doctor Who fans as one of the best stories of our beloved show. Or at least as the highlight of Season 17. Ribald jokes and insightful analyses are paired like a meal with a fine French wine as we wander the streets of Paris.
Show Notes:

The Daleks…Will Return!
Death to the Daleks…DVD Extras Part The First!
Death to the Daleks…DVD Extras Part The Second!
Michael E. Briant’s…Memoir!
Independent…Doctor Who Book Publishing!
An Evening With…Waris Hussein!
Gallifrey One 2013…Memberships Available!


City…Of Death!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #304 – Flay Otters

  1. A couple possible suave villains to add to the list: Tobias Vaughn and Harrison Chase.

    Still, it is hard to compete in suaveness with Count Scarlioni and Delgado’s Master.

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