Video Free Skaro 001!


Welcome to the first episode of of a video version of your favourite Doctor Who podcast, Radio Free Skaro. Video Free Skaro will bring you news, reviews and all the Doctor Who (and related sci-fi) goodness we can in a weekly digest. We always want to hear viewer suggestions and feedback, and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!]]>

One Comment on “Video Free Skaro 001!

  1. A good first episode, certainly far better than the early episodes of Radio Free Skaro but as this is a visual medium and people aren’t likely to be watching this while doing something else it really needs to be more engaging. Perhaps try cutting it together at a faster pace and or adding incidental music. I know Daniel Yount does a good line in royalty free epicness. Either that or add Chris as the perpetual possibility of rude jokes tends to keep the viewer on edge, waiting for a moment of hilarity.

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