Radio Free Skaro #303 – The Writer’s Tales

Radio Free Skaro #303 – Click here to listen!

After a couple of quiet weeks on the news front, we were treated to a bumper crop of topics worthy of discussion on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Not only were we introduced to the next companion in the form of Jenna-Louise Coleman, but the official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff gave us a new trailer for Series 7 and so much more, as told to us by our new friend Phil Cannon from the Who’s He Podcast who attended the convention and had a grand time. And as if that wasn’t enough, we present an interview with Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? about their new book Who Is The Doctor?, and top off the episode with a look at the works of Terrance Dicks in the Miniscope. The excitement for Series 7 is building. We hope we help you pass the time until then in an entertaining fashion!
Show Notes:

Series 7…First Trailer!
Jenna-Louise Coleman…Is The New Companion!
Jenna-Louise Coleman…First Official Picture!
Jenna-Louise Coleman…Begins Filming In May!
Series 7…Broadcast Breakdown!
Amy and Rory and Angels…Oh My!
Amy and Rory and Angels…In New York!
The Daleks…Are Coming Back!
Target Reprints…Wave 2!
Who’s He…Podcast!


Graeme Burk…and Robert Smith?



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