Doctor Who Series 5 DVD/BR Update

<![CDATA[November 9 has now been confirmed as the North American release date for the Series 5 box set on DVD and Blu-Ray, and DVD box art has now been made available (previously only Blu-Ray art was available). Along with the “Meanwhile, in the TARDIS…” content mentioned previously, the feature list confirms story commentaries. While the past few series have featured both DVD- and internet-based commentary releases, the powers that be chose to not release internet-based commentaries for Series 5, so including them on the DVDs will make a lot of fans clamouring for such content very happy.

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One Comment on “Doctor Who Series 5 DVD/BR Update

  1. What I find interesting is that they are using the “time vortex” on the cover from the 3D promo and not from the actual opening. I actually hope they use that for the next opening sequence update (whenever that may be). Say what you like about the promo, but the music used and the look of the time vortex was more “magical” then the slower moving and not very “spacey” storm clouds. I was sad after the promo that that was not the vortex for our new Doctor’s intro.

    Also I continue to voice my hope for the slip case approach as opposed to the fold-out nightmare of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Though I must say that once a spindle broke on one of my cases and they sent me a brand new one for free. Point to you 2Entertain! Thank you.

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