Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Now Available Worldwide


The first two episodes of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has now been made available on the game site Direct2Drive for a low price of $4.95. From the website blurb, the package includes:

Episode 1 – City of the Daleks (Included Free)
The TARDIS materializes in 1963 to find the human race destroyed by the Daleks. The Doctor must travel to the home planet of his arch enemy, the Daleks, to correct time and the save the last survivor of Humanity – Amy Pond.

Episode 2 – Blood of the Cybermen
The Doctor and Amy materialise in the Arctic – where members of a geological survey team have started turning from flesh to metal after awakening something that has been dormant for thousands of years – an army of Cybermen.

Note: Only the Windows version is currently being made available. There is as yet no word about the Mac version, and it is not known if it will be released at a later date (as it was in the UK).

Find out more at the Direct2Drive site.


5 Comments on “Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Now Available Worldwide

  1. Any idea why the delay on the Mac version? None of the other sites or the download site itself indicates that the Mac version is even forthcoming. I could understand a delay with the UK release if there was some delay regarding the porting of the game, but that’s all been done now, so why delay it?

  2. You might want to check your facts. A number of sites are now reporting that the Mac version will NOT be released internationally, for some unknown, probably insane reason. Start lodging your complaints now. If Facebook can cave in to complaints, maybe these Direct2Drive people will, too.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Alex. We’ve altered the wording. Hopefully we can alter it again with something more positive in the near future…

  4. Re: Steven. Thanks. And I just realized my wording (i.e. “check your facts”) came out MUCH stronger than was intended – sorry ’bout that! What makes all this even more puzzling is that D2D does offer Mac programs, so there really is not reason. Apparently D2D claimed (in responses sent to some other sites) to have been aware there was a Mac version, which I find hard to believe.

  5. D2D has told me that they have heard no news as to if there would be a mac version but that they’d do everything they can to work on it. I’m guessing there’s issues? I feel so upset. Where can I complain?

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