November North America Doctor Who DVDs


November 2 will see the North American release of two Classic Doctor Who Cybermen stories, Tom Baker’s Revenge of the Cybermen and Sylvester McCoy’s Silver Nemesis. Neither of these two stories is often rated very highly relative to some other Cybermen stories but they’ve both got certain charms. Unlike the UK, and as has happened a lot of late in North America, the titles will be sold separately. It should be noted the Silver Nemesis release is the transmission version rather than the extended cut issued on VHS in the 1990s.



One Comment on “November North America Doctor Who DVDs

  1. “Revenge…” has always had a special place in my heart. It was the first Doctor Who story I ever had on VHS and it’s a veritable who’s who of Who guest stars. And it has some good lines (“My ankles aren’t thick!”).

    Cheer as you shout with the Doctor, “Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!” Hiss at the turtle-necked machinations of Kellman. Feel uneasy when Ronald Leigh-Hunt admits to being “a bit wet”.

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