2010 Series Writers and Directors: Update


05/10/2009 08:49

Here’s an updated summary of the original post we did about the writers and directors who are working on the 2010 series of Doctor Who. We’ve managed to find proof of the involvement of at least two more writers, as well as the possible involvement of acclaimed director Euros Lyn.

Here’s what we can confirm:


Steven Moffat (six episodes)
Gareth Roberts (two episodes)
Richard Curtis (one episode)
Chris Chibnall (two episodes)
Mark Gatiss (one episode)
Jack Thorne(Skins) (probably 2011 series)


Adam Smith (Block One and Block Three); IMDB profile
Andrew Gunn (Block Two – two episodes) Agency profile
Ashley Way (Block Four – two episodes) IMDB profile
Jonny Campbell (unknown episodes) IMDB profile

Proof of directors is difficult to find until after they’ve wrapped up their particular block of filming, but we can tell you this :

Euros Lyn was sighted on set (but not working) during Block Four (warning: link contains spoilers), and the crew is shooting in Trogir, Croatia for a second time (the first trip was back in August) to film scenes for Block Five.

Stay tuned to radiofreeskaro.com, and listen to our weekly podcasts, to keep up to date on future writer and director announcements!

Photo courtesy of Alun Vega.


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