Radio Free Skaro #169 – Peking Homunculus


Radio Free Skaro #169 – Click here to listen

rfs169To commemorate the 46th anniversary of the debut of Doctor Who, The Three Who Rule felt it only fitting to invite fellow podcasting super-giant Ken Deep of Doctor Who: Podshock onto the show to not only discuss the news and events of the past week in the world of Who, but to wax on about how they became fans of the show, why they are all still fans, and how they all manage to spend a fair amount of time each week talking about what we, and no doubt you, think is the greatest TV programme ever invented – Doctor Who. We hope you enjoy this unique celebration.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Ken Deep talks…Chicago TARDIS!
Anneke Wills…at Gallifrey!
Radio Free Skaro…on Den of Geek!
Radio Free Skaro…blogging for SPACE!
Doctor Who…Dreamland!
Tennant finale…named!
The End of Time preview…on Children in Need!
Children in Need…ratings!
The End of Time…on BBC America!
The Waters of Mars…ratings!
The Waters of Mars…appreciated!
Sarah Jane Adventures…The Gift!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 11…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 12…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Shada documentary…on BBC Radio 4!
Lizo says…The Writer’s Tale released on January 14!
BBC acquires…2|Entertain!


11 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #169 – Peking Homunculus

  1. I did make mention of it to the guys before we began recording. Steven even went so far as to do some translation work on the web.

  2. Yuck! Ken Deep?,oh well at least it isnt Louis Trappini.
    Podshock sucks.

  3. “Podshock Sucks” – at least they didn’t have someone from WhoCast… Anyway, I quite like Ken.

    RFS, the preeminent DW pocast; always a pleasure to listen to and Warren fair cracks me up!

  4. Fantastic show guys. Ken was a lot of fun (and my favourite part of Podshock).. I think this is my favourite RFS ever. Thank you for making my week.

    PS I do not work for RFS!

  5. Thanks for the show guys (and the previous 168. Hearing about how you all came to Doctor Who was fun. We used to get a nightly episode on the ABC (that’s the Australian version) and in the eighties it is Baker and Davison who I recall most clearly.

    We had pretend hippy parents who banished the TV from the house to the nearby corrugated iron grain store. We were pretty much only allowed to watch the ABC, being the public broadcaster. The four of us would sit there wrapped in dusty blankets watching a very snowy black and white TV. It did a lot for the atmosphere of the creepier episodes, except I would be bullied by my older sister to stand by the set and hold the bent coathanger aerial in place.

    I also remember arrangements being made for friends to tape The Five Doctors so my younger brother could be persuaded to attend the annual primary school gala.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Hey Steven care to list all the DW podcasts that you listen to with links?

  7. Great show, guys. Great to ground ourselves again. Not usually as Podshock fan – but Ken was great. When you guys talk about how you became fans – it was the same for me…and likely many other people in the early 80’s.

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