Radio Free Skaro #170 – Back To Reality


Radio Free Skaro #170 – Click here to listen

rfs170After an eventful few weeks of New Who and rampant podcest, the Three Who Rule (reduced to Two Who Adjudicate for this episode) settled down to news, shenanigans, and rampant avoiding of anything that could possibly be construed as a spoiler. But hope and glory came in the form of Malcolm Clarke, the first musician to grace the Miniscope (yes, it’s back, at least temporarily) and an underrated craftsman in the world of Classic Who. Synthesizers from 1972 and marching Cyberman themes ahoy!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who…Dreamland!
The End of Time…synopsis!
The End of Time, Part Two…on New Year’s Day!
The Waters of Mars…ratings!
The Waters of Mars in Australia…but not HD!
David Tennant interviews…Russell T Davies!
John Barrowman in…the End of Time!
Doctor Who…in Trogir, Croatia!
Bernard Cribbins awarded…a special BAFTA!
Phil Collinson joins…Coronation Street!
Chritopher Eccleston is…John Lennon!
The Waters of Mars…appreciated!
BBFC clears…The Waters of Mars!
BBFC clears…Is There Life On Mars?!
BBFC clears…The End of Time, Part One!
BBFC clears…The End of Time, Part Two!
BBFC clears…End of Time Doctor Who Confidential, Part One!
BBFC clears…End of Time Doctor Who Confidential, Part Two!
BBFC clears…San Diego Comic Con extras!
BBFC clears…Doctor Who Christmas Idents!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 12…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Commentary recorded for…The Sun Makers!
The Restoration Team article on…Peladon!

Miniscope Links (Malcolm Clarke):
The…Sea Devils!
Resurrection of the…Daleks!
The Twin…Dilemma!
Attack…of the Cybermen!
Terror…of the Vervoids!


20 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #170 – Back To Reality

  1. Ah, good, there you are. Right, now, pay attention.. Yes, Iove Mac Clarke’s early stuff – The Sea Devils is just ever so yummy. As is Earthshock. Enlightenment aint too shabby either. More later…

  2. Missed last RFS but thought I’d catch up on this one first. Quick answer to one of your sort-of questions: the BBC R4 program where A interviews B, B interviews C, C interviews … is called “Chain Reaction”. I only followed it the year who mention, when IIRC it went: Catherine Tate; David Tennant; Richard Wilson; Arabella Weir; Paul Whitehouse.

    Can’t imagine RTD interviewing anyone, as opposed to being interviewed… so I doubt this is the same programme

  3. You win the prize…RFS 169! Free for you!

    Heh. Well, I suppose it’s better than getting a half-human Tennant clone…

  4. Re: Bernard Cribbins – storyteller on Jackanory during the 1970s, The Railway Children movie with Jenny Agutter & Iain Cuthbertson in 1970, complaining guest and cutlery salesman in Fawlty Towers in 1975, plus in the 1960s, the singer of “Right Said Fred”, the story of an exasperated furniture removal man!

  5. Thanks, Simon. Gosh, we missed so much growing up in the 1970s and 80s in Canada. Like colour TV and electricity, for instance.

    Definitely remember him in The Hotel Inspectors, though. Whether the Children’s BAFTA was including that in his list of things he’s contributed to children’s TV remains to be seen.

  6. To add to Simon’s post Bernard Cribbins was also the voice of the Wombles (who are / were childrens television legends over here, at least during my childhood.)

    He was one of the great story readers on Jackanory to.

  7. Great episode guys! With regard ratings discussion The BBC go all out Christmas Day so expect EoT pt1 to get massive ratings, The other channels don’t even seem to bother competing anymore. My ‘people’ tell me that the idents are secret project 3 as the original plans for something grander feel through but RTD had already announced there would be a project 3. They were doing the idents anyway so they got promoted to project 3.

  8. Best show in ages. Definitely works best as a duo, without that dullard who puts you to sleep the moment he starts droning on in his misguided state of self importance.
    Although, anyone involved in a Doctor Who podcast who flags their ignorance by claiming to be unaware of the work of Bernard Cribbins deserves to be horsewhipped.
    …and “Dreamland” When you can spend the time talking about it in your podcast, how about spending the time watching the whole thing? I know it would’ve taken another 30 minutes out of your hectic life, but heck people might think you take what you’re talking about seriously.
    Honestly, Louis Trapani had the edge on you this week. Good luck with that on your conscience.

  9. Glenn, that’s harsh. But fair. No-one should be forced to watch SJA, Dreamland, et al (not even podcasters ;)). Props to Steven for watching the ‘ancillary’ shows and making the ‘effort’ to listen to Hornets Nest and for being continually enthusiastic and yet still keeping his feet on the ground because, y’know, DW podcasters are up there with the demigods of modern culture… I can excuse Warren’s tardiness ‘cos he never fails to make me laugh. 🙂

  10. Ignore Glenn. He seems to think podcasts need to involve themselves in skirmishes for ratings like CNN and FOX News do. Obviously, he missed the excellent discussion the RFS team had with Podshock’s Ken Deep in #169.

    As for dissing Chris, well, I’m sure he could grind your bones to make his bread.

  11. Ignore Odd Brian, he seems to think he knows how I think, and he’s dead wrong. Ratings?? It’s about the podcast being enjoyable. Obviously he’s even wrong about me missing #169.

    I’m not “dissing” Chris. I’m just telling it as it is. He is a bore who drags down this otherwise enjoyable podcast

  12. Derek, yes I find Warren to be always amusing too. That’s why it’s a shame that he & Steven are dragged down by Chris.
    Frankly, it works fine as a duo, as this episode proves. What people like Odd Brian overlook is that if Chris continues to be too much of a chore to listen to, then RFS will be producing podcasts for their own enjoyment.

  13. @Glenn:

    I’ll leave the personal attacks be as you’re more than entitled to your opinion about what you do and don’t like.

    However, I do have to take exception at one thing you said…

    “Although, anyone involved in a Doctor Who podcast who flags their ignorance by claiming to be unaware of the work of Bernard Cribbins deserves to be horsewhipped.”

    Please take a step back and look at that. You’re not talking opinion here, really, and that’s wholly unfair. Awareness of Bernard Cribbins’ work relative to Doctor Who begins and ends with Voyage of the Damned and (presumably) The End of Time Part Two respectively. Depending on one’s definition of canon, the second Peter Cushing movie could be included in there as well, of course.

    How there should be any expectation of a DOCTOR WHO podcast to be able to speak with any clarity or authority beyond that scope is frankly absurd. Admittedly there are always going to be actors (or other people involved in a production) about which people in general are going to know more, and anything extra is certainly a nicety when discussing said individuals on a podcast, but is hardly a requirement with horsewhipping being a suitable punishment for lack of knowledge outside that scope.

    If you disagree with this, I do beg of you to prepare and submit a detailed essay on the pantomime work of Colin Baker and John Barrowman, taking special focus on any time if and when their paths cross, because certainly as a Doctor Who fan you’ve declared you deserve to be horsewhipped if unable to fulfill such a request.

  14. Unsurprisingly you took the clearly ridiculous suggestion of “horsewhipping” seriously……

    There’s no personal attacks, I’m sure you’re a lovely person but your response however only confirms my criticisms that I posted in relation to the production of your podcast, and where I believe it could be improved. Hey, what would I know? I’ve only produced Television Network broadcasting for over a quarter of a century.

    But back to the point you took exception to, Bernard Cribbins is a comedy icon with a long career that is recognized internationally. Ignorance of that fact beggars belief. It’s like saying Richard Todd was that guy from “Kinda” (RIP).

    As for suggesting I submit whatever, why? I’m not in the business of creating a podcast, although your suggestion again displays the lack of humour the other two hosts have in spades.

    In closing, if I answered criticisms of my work like you have done here I’d never get anything done. Don’t provide a forum for feedback if you think you’re going to receive nothing but fawning bouquets.

    Please don’t take it too hard. Some folk have engaging personalities that come over well to the listener/viewer like Steven & Warren, and some are best suited to “behind the scenes” producing, like you and me.

  15. ….oh yes, Cribbins. It’s called research and being professional. You want to do this sort of a thing for a living, then take the criticism on board!

  16. Sarcasm is a little difficult to discern in statements like “…I do have to take exception at one thing you said…”

    Suggesting people should be “horsewhipped” is clearly ridiculous

  17. @Glenn – I didn’t realise one was meant to think of podcasts like a drive-in shop, where you can berate the “staff” for not having proper onion rings, as it were.

    You want to do this sort of a thing for a living, then take the criticism on board!

    Erm, do the guys think of this as something they do *for a living*? What happened to doing the best you can for fun and for fulfillment? Or is that not creating sufficient synergistic leverage (or summat similar)?

    The sense of self-importance and entitlement in your first few comments on this thread leaves this bear of little brain rather bemused. If you genuinely wanted to leave constructive criticism, as opposed to flaunt your superiority, why didn’t you choose kinder words in which to express your misgivings and your no-doubt-treasured words of wisdom?

    But hey, what do I know about communication…

    Ach, sorry to RFS for not letting this one lie. Feel free to delete this if you feel it’s just adding to the noise.

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