Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric


Radio Free Skaro #166 – Click here to listen

rfs166Warren is finally back from Japan and China so the Three Who Rule were once again united. Doctor Who spinoffs were the order of the day as The Sarah Jane Adventures featured the first signs of The Doctor since Easter and K9 got a preview on British TV but everything is trumped by the announcement of The Waters of Mars’ release date. The drought is soon over and we have but two weeks to wait for the gap year to wind down. Peter Moffatt is looked at in the miniscope, Dreamland will be getting a preview in short order and surprise surprise there’s DVD news and more all in this episode where we actually keep to time!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
More Guests added for…Gallifrey!
The Two Minute Time Lord…at Hurricane Who!
The Waters of Mars coming…November 15!
BBC America airs The Waters of Mars on…December 19!
David Tennant on…The Graham Norton Show!
Lizo says…Doctor Who preview at Children in Need!
Benjamin Cook talks to…Benjamin Cook!
The Wedding…of Sarah Jane Smith!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 5 Ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 6 Ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
K9…Episode One!
Dreamland…preview clip!
Gareth Roberts writing…two episodes?
Gap Year Specials…on DVD/Blu-Ray!
The Space Museum/The Chase…coming soon to DVD!
The Sixth Doctor and Jamie…reunited!

Miniscope Links (Peter Moffatt):
State…of Decay!
The Five…Doctors!
The Twin…Dilemma!
The Two…Doctors!
Peter Moffatt Interview from…1987!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric

  1. “Soon to be murdered Keff McCulloch.” – that made me laugh, welcome back Warren. 🙂

    As for the director of State of Decay (and to paraphrase Camilla), “The direction of Moffat is stale and flat.”

  2. Great show. I really liked this week’s Miniscope…”State of Decay” is one of my absolute favorite Tom Baker stories, so it was nice to hear it discussed at some length.

    I will say, however, that the animation in the preview clip for “Dreamland” is just dreadful. It’s horrible. It was a well-written little scene, though. I hope they decide to redo the whole thing in Flash. They won’t, but still..

  3. I really, really liked The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, but the Doctor as written seemed to be trying to cram as many Tenth Doctor-isms as possible into the second half hour. A baseline to judge him in “Waters of Mars” from, perhaps, given how long he’s been away?

    I’ll second that remark on the Dreamland animation. The CG models’ acting and movement reminds me of the work Mainframe was doing on Reboot fifteen years ago; it was passable then, but today it just looks embarrassing. The more limited style of The Infinite Quest at least had that going for it — STYLE. The CG models actually put me in the mind of weird computer generated marionettes, something about the way their arms move. I’ve seen movie tie-in video games with more convincing CG work. Ugh!

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