Radio Free Skaro #159 – Throw Down The Quantlet


Radio Free Skaro #159 – Click here to listen


With the Doctor Who Magazine release of the ming-mongiest list of favorite Doctor Who episodes in the past 11 years (when a nuWho-less but also ming-mongy list sparked debate amongst the faithful), the Three Who Rule were like starving, nerdy dogs drawn to raw meat. Weighing in on their own picks and what they felt was wrong-headed and frankly evil placement of some of their favorite episodes, they also made time to speculate on the scheduling of Dreamland, the Waters of Mars and to roundly chastise Richard Curtis for not getting his Doctor Who air dates right. And oh yes, a Miniscope featuring Pennant Roberts also made an appearance, flood-lit and underbudgeted. Hoo…ray.

Show Notes:

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A new website for…Tom Baker!
Miniscope Links (Pennant Roberts):
The Face…of Evil!
The Sun…Makers!
The Pirate…Planet!
Warriors…of the Deep!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #159 – Throw Down The Quantlet

  1. Now I truly understand why Chris is a fan of Season 24 – it is clear he has NO taste. The UK version of the “The Office” is some of the most brilliant television ever made. Gervais’ laugh is annoying, but the talent is pretty darn clear.

  2. THANK you! “The Office” (and I’m not going to disrespect it by calling it “The UK ‘The Office'” or “the original The Office”, because the US ‘The Office’ disrespects it enough) is one the true gems of British TV. Never have uncomfortable awkward silences in conversation been so downright hilarious. My girlfriend and I watch the whole series every December, and we love it more and more each year.

  3. If it’s some of the most brilliant British TV ever made, the goodness must kick in some time after the halfway point of episode one — aka the furthest I’ve ever been able to make it (on more than one occasion) when trying to watch that shite. =)

    I loves me some Extras though.

  4. good show fellas.
    I like the new banner. I recognize what’s-her-face, Tennant and old cracklepuss, but what’s that thing on the far right?

  5. You know that list isn’t as bad as I thought it would be The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances is the best of new who to me Blink is top 20 not top 10 though.

    I love the Office but I’m probably the only one that would rather Extras.

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