January North American DVD Releases

<![CDATA[marinus_r1January 2010 sees two more classic Doctor Who stories being released on DVD in Region 1. While there have some been some real winners of late (The War Games and The Deadly Assassin sure come to mind), this first offering of the new year brings us a couple also-rans, including the story recently voted worst ever by Doctor Who fans in Doctor Who Magazine 413.

The Keys of Marinus is William Hartnell’s fifth serial and was not long ago looked at by our very own Steven in the Chronic Hysteresis and introduced Doctor Who fans to that loveable ruffian, Edmund Warwick. The Twin Dilemma is the debut story for the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, and is now officially the worst Doctor Who story ever produced and introduced us to the concept of green shoes with orange spats.

Both titles are available from the usual sources on January 5, 2010.]]>

One Comment on “January North American DVD Releases

  1. Worst Doctor Who story… ever? I’ll admit it’s pretty putrid. I mean, “The Chase” is still out there, as is “The Gunfighters”.

    To say nothing of “Timeflight”.

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