Radio Free Skaro #160 – Ferme La Boucher


Radio Free Skaro #160 – Click here to listen

rfs160This week’s Miniscope saw an appearance by Chris Boucher, best known not only for his scripts for Robots of Death, The Face of Evil and Image of the Fendahl, but also for writing for Blake’s 7 (acting as script editor for the show from 1978 to 1981)¬†and Star Cops and….his segment consisted of six minutes. The remaining time was filled with the trademarked digressionary banter known and tolerated by RFS fandom, ranging from a list of Gallifrey 2010’s many exciting panels to the strange character known as “Itchy Spider-man.”
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Radio Free Skaro…on SPACE!
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Gallifrey 21…discussion panels!
An Evening With…Steve Roberts!
Doctor Who wins…an award!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode One!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode Two!
Liz Sladen previews…SJA S3!
David Tennant on…the Christian O’Connell Show!
Jonathan Ross interviews…John Simm!
SJA…in SFX Magazine!
Tennant’s Hamlet…on DVD!
Torchwood…graphic novel!
DWM: The Mighty 200…1-50!
DWM: The Mighty 200…50-100!
DWM: The Mighty 200…101-150!
DWM: The Mighty 200…151-200!
Miniscope Links (Chris Boucher):
The Face…of Evil!
The Robots…of Death!
Image…of the Fendahl!


2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #160 – Ferme La Boucher

  1. Good show, listened on my way into work this morning…Being in the States means that I won’t see the Top 200 issue of DWM for about another month and a half when Borders finally gets it, so I was floored when “Power of the Daleks” made the top ten for fans since 2005. Even though I became a fan in that year thanks to the new series, I always thought I was a small minority of 18-25’s who have actually delved into the classic series and, especially, the reconstructions. I’m glad to have been wrong, as “Power” is easily one of Troughton’s best stories and one of the best in the show’s history, period. What an awesome bit of news…

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