Radio Free Skaro #153 – A Tweet Too Far


The Three Who Rule covered the gamut of Whoish happenings this week, from the shocking revelation that Meglos will return for David Tennant’s finale (unconfirmed) to Ian Levine’s rather tenuous grasp on the the fundamental underpinnings of the internet (hint: don’t fear the link.) And amongst this madness was revealed the Miniscope, a new weekly feature examining a writer, producer or other behind the scenes chieftain whose drive and talent brought us the Classic Who episodes we love so dearly. Up first is Robert Holmes, or at the very least his contribution to the ouvres of Mr. Troughton and Mr. Pertwee. Enjoy, dear listeners.

Direct Download

Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…shop!
The End of Time…aliens!
Tennant’s Hamlet…on PBS!
Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…on BBC3!
Moffat and RTD…Hugo losers!
2010 Series…without Euros Lyn!
Freema Agyeman…just Who Do You Think You Are?!
The Writer’s Tale…next edition!
Dalek War box set…on October 5!
Doctor Who…Series 1-4 DVD Box Set!
Torchwood…Complete DVD Box Set!
New Series Dalek…DVD box set!
Sarah Jane S2 DVD set…on November 9!
Mike Skinner…on Doctor Who?
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part One):
The…Space Pirates!
Spearhead…from Space!
Terror of the…Autons!
Carnival…of Monsters!
The Time…Warrior!

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #153 – A Tweet Too Far

  1. Regarding your DVD reporting today…

    North American titles usually come out in all the odd-numbered months of the year, so we should see a release slot in January 2010 as well as March, May, etc. (You guys were saying March would be the first.) There should be at least two classic titles in that slot, and the next two in line that the UK will have by then that we don’t are The Twin Dilemma and The Keys of Marinus. Sometimes they will do a third release in a slot, so there’s a chance that Dalek War will be there in January, but that’s by no means guaranteed, and if I had to bet on it, I’d say it’d wait until March if for no other reason than to get a “hot title” moved away from January to give people’s wallets time to refill after Christmas. And in any case they like there to be a bit of a gap between the UK’s release and North America’s just in case there are any goof-ups in the UK release that don’t get caught until they’re out there on the street, and that gives them a chance to fix it before the Region 1 comes out. They don’t have that extra fixing time if they’re right on top of each other.

    Loved the show, by the way. Very, very funny. 🙂

    Steve Manfred

  2. Thorough and accurate as always, Steve. Thanks for setting the record straight. Nothing says “Sneak these out while no one is looking” like a January release for Twin Dilemma and Keys of Marinus.

  3. I’m sure you’ve probably looked this up by now, but the Mike Skinner song in DW is on the radio in Pete’s car in Father’s Day – meant to be a sign of temporal anomaly. (“The Streets” isn’t a band name, it’s his “handle”.)

    And Skinner was actually reasonably well regarded (I think this is the interface of garage and rap) with some early songs satirizing the boozy lad culture of the UK. But this is probably getting off topic…

    • Ah ha, Father’s Day. I’d read the info some place but as often happens forgot the details of what I’d read. Thanks for the reminder.

      And off-topic? That never happens with anything related to RFS of course… 😛

  4. Great show guys you are right Chris The Street are terrible.

    Miss the commentreys though will you be doing New Who Series 2.

    • Terrible doesn’t begin to describe the “group”… though really I’ve only watched the one video. I wouldn’t want to subject myself to more though.

      As for NuWho series 2 commentaries, see my comment on the post for #152 where someone else asked the same question the other day. =)

      (Short answer: we’ll get to them in time, we’ve not forgotten there are still 11 episodes to deal with there.)

      Thanks for the kind words.

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