Radio Free Skaro #152 – Fax the Betamax


The Three Who Rule come off last week’s plethora of news with but a handful of offerings this time around. Turning lemons into lemonade they parry and thrust their way through another hearty podcast for your aural pleasure. From the return of Spoilor to thoughts on the return of Tom Baker to the role of The Doctor, grab your foil and join the fray.

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Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…shop!
Radio Free Skaro spinoff…Bridging The Rift!
Steven guest hosts on…Tennantcast!
David Tennant’s finale…75 minutes long!
Casting Announcement in…The Radio Times!
Murray Gold…staying for 2010?
Tom Baker…wants to return!
The Hornet’s Nest…audio clip!
Torchwood Series 4…filming in February?
John Barrowman…on Desperate Housewives!
Sarah Jane Adventures S3…episode titles!
Future DVD releases…mentioned!
Extras for Dalek War…passed! (Disc 1)
Extras for Dalek War…passed! (Disc 2)
Yet another Colin Baker…action figure!

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #152 – Fax the Betamax

  1. Just a quick comment re. Tennant finale broadcast date. You say they won’t show it on X-Mas as it would be too dark, I think this would make it more likely. British telly (and the BBC in particular) has a long history of saving the worst tragedy for its characters until X-Mas when it’ll be extra poignant or something (quote “This’ll be the best X-Mas Walford’s ever seen”)we also get shown a lot of properly scarey ghost stories.

    In short Doctor 10 is gonna snuff it in front of the kiddy winks just as they unwrap their action figures of him.

    Merry X-mas 🙂

  2. Are you going to do anymore commentaries for the second season of New Who?

    • In time we’ll go back and finish off commentaries for the second series of NuWho. There are still 11 outstanding stories to deal with there. We’ve not forgotten, but with doing series 4 commentaries not long after series 3, we’ll probably keep anything more for NuWho commentaries on ice for a while.

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