Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD


Many a broadcasting intrigue formed the backbone of Whoish news this week, from BBC America’s machinations to…BBC Wordwide’s transgressions. The Three Who Rule also engaged in Socratic debate over the claims of Rona Munro, the scribe behind “Survival”, that romance in nuWho constitutes lazy writing. All that and another exciting Miniscope examining the glory years of one Robert Holmes as he ascended to script writer and Doctor Who demigod.

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Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…shop!
BBC America picks up…Series 5/1/31!
Greatest Moments of Doctor Who…The Companions!
K9 on…Disney XD!
Gary Russell writes…The Torchwood Encyclopaedia!
Doctor Who: A Legend…Reborn!
The Hornet’s Nest…inexpensive!
The Next Doctor/Planet of the Dead…DVD box set!
More guests announced for…Gallifrey 21!
2|Entertain…pwned by BBC Worldwide!
Big Finish renewed until…2011!
Rona Munro accuses…lazy writing!
Miniscope Links (Robert Holmes, Part Two):
The Ark…in Space!
Pyramids…of Mars
The Deadly…Assassin!
The Talons of…Weng-Chiang!

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD

  1. The Liquorice Allsort/Jelly Baby controversy happens in Image of the Fendahl as covered in episode 12 of my podcast.

    Enjoying your miniscope section. Keep it up.

  2. I think that Chris meant the offering of a Humbug to the Gatherer. If only Warren and I were actually paying attention to him at the time, we could have pedant’d him.

  3. First, I love Android Invasion too. Sorry, I know the thing doesn’t make sense – but I’m with Chris on this.

    Which reminds me…bring back the randomizer and the classic series DW commentaries!

  4. Luke – oops, my bad. Steven got what I meant even if I didn’t.

    Josh – huzzah. The Android Invasion has a lot wrong with it but it’s got some good elements and it’s a non-Dalek story from Terry Nation, a rarity indeed.

    As for the randomizer and classic commentaries, it’s under discussion.

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